Productivity apps for freelancers.

We build apps to help freelancers find new projects and manage them with clear and consistent briefs.

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Our main goal

We focus on making freelancers work more efficiently.

With our small leadership team and associated engineers, we build apps to make the everyday life of a freelancer that little bit easier.


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Apps for freelancers

Find freelance leads & manage client briefs.

Breef Leads

Breef Leads

Breef Leads utilises machine-learning and artificial-intelligence to scan the web for potential freelance leads and send them to relevant freelancers.

Breef Builder

Breef Builder

Breef Builder helps gather project requirements from your clients so you can streamline your requirements gathering and spend more time on the work itself.

Apps for freelancers. By Freelancers

Meet Our Team.

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Ashley Mosuro

Founder & Engineer
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Lindsay Mosuro

Business Development & Operations
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From the freelancers themselves.

Our customers span across our apps for freelancers, ranging from freelance Web Designers, Copywriters and Photographers, as well as individuals and businesses looking who are looking for freelancers.